10 Things You Need To Know About Our Wild and Crazy Birthday Boy, Brody

28 Feb will always be a special day. 10 years ago, it was the day the Red Sea parted and I BARELY made it from Newport, Rhode Island to Fairfax, VA in a matter of hours and during rush hour. I darn near missed his birth, and in many ways that wild day was symbolic of the very child who joined our family.

Now that he’s been with us for 10 years, I have sufficient data and photographic evidence to support my theory that he will be an absolute legend in college. And hopefully, well beyond.

Here’s what we have:

1. He does not care what you think.

Dance party? Yes.
In jammies underneath his underwear? Also, yes.

2. He’s a Hot Mess.

Always has been.

3. He’s a risk taker.

“Safety First” is something you will never hear him say

4. He absolutely loves baseball.

5. On a related note, he’s a catcher (so he’s extra weird).

The way catchers eat dinner…

6. If he’s not at baseball or at school he’s with these psychos…

Kayden, Brody, and Brice aka his “Lightning Fam”

7. He wears a tie on the first day of school. Every year.

8. He will not smile for photographs when his team finishes second.

Cuz if you aint first, you’re last.

9. He’s a bit of a drama queen.

LOL (Laugh Out Loud)
WTF (Why The Face)

10. He smiles (even when he’s sleeping). And he makes us all smile too.

Happiest of birthdays to our wild and crazy Brody!

Cheers to the next decade of madness…

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